Grants and awards

2021 – 2026 European Research Council Consolidator Grant: Predicting impacts of alien plant invasions on community diversity (Catford; €2M).
2018 – 2019 Royal Society Research Grant: Quantifying the responses and effects of plants in a warmer world (Catford; £15K).
2018 – 2019 King’s College London Social Science and Public Policy Faculty grant: Impact of biotic exchange in the Anthropocene (Catford; £5K).
2017 ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions: International Visiting Fellowship (Catford; $6K).
2017 University of Southampton Strategic Interdisciplinary Research: Combining ecology and economics to develop sustainable management strategies for the Elephant Marsh, Malawi (Schaafsma, Catford & Spake; £5K).
2015 – 2019 ARC Discovery Grant: Predicting the causes and consequences of plant invasions (Duncan & Catford; $503K).
2015 – 2018 ARC Linkage Grant: Overcoming multiple constraints to wetland forest restoration (Walsh, Catford, Keatley, Raulings & Harley; $355K).
2015 – 2020 National Environmental Science Program: Threatened Species Recovery Hub (Possingham and 40 others, including Catford; $29.98M).
2014 Australian Society for Limnology Early Career Excellence Award.
2013 ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions: Early Career Researcher Travel Grant (Catford; $27K).
2013 ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions workshop funding: Defining ecosystem resilience (Standish & Catford; $15K).
2012 – 2015 Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award: Investigating the susceptibility of native vegetation edges to alien plant invasion (Catford; $375K).
2009 – 2012 Australia-China Environment Development Program, AusAid: River Health & Environmental Flows in China (Pascoe and 24 others, including Catford; $4.1M).
2009 – 2010 Australian Weeds Research Centre, Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry: Predicting ecosystem invasibility (Wintle, Vesk & Catford; $112K).
2009 – 2010 National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility: Freshwater Biodiversity and Water Resources (Catford; $15K).
2009 Marine and Freshwater Research journal: Best student presentation at Australian Society for Limnology annual conference (prize).
2005 – 2008 Land and Water Australia – Environmental Water Allocation Program: Flows and aquatic plants: an historical and experimental approach (Downes, Rutherfurd, Entwisle, Nairn & Catford; $306k).
2005 – 2008 CSIRO Postgraduate Top-up Scholarship ($16K stipend, $18K research).
2005 – 2008 Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Australian Weed Management: Postgraduate Project Scholarship (in-kind) ($3K training, workshops & conference attendance).
2004 – 2008 Australian Postgraduate Award ($65K stipend; over 3.5 years).
2008 Postgraduate Travel Grant, Melbourne School of Land and Environment, The University of Melbourne ($2.5K international conference presentation).
2008 Postgraduate Travel Grant, Ecological Society of Australia ($200 annual conference).
2008 Pre-submission Postgraduate Publishing Award, Land and Food Resources, U. Melbourne ($360).
2007 Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists: Science Program Scholarship ($5.5K international conferences, mentoring, master class).
2006 CRC for Australian Weed Management: International Scientific Exchange/Travel ($3K).
2006 Travel for Research In Postgraduate Study Scholarship, School of Graduate Studies, The University of Melbourne ($1.4K international conference presentation).
2006 Postgraduate Overseas Research Experience Scholarship, Melbourne Scholarships Office, The University of Melbourne ($3.5K research visit).
2005 – 2006 Holsworth Wildlife Research Fund ($4K research).
2005 Fieldwork Scholarship, School of Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Studies, The University of Melbourne ($1.5K field research).

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