Keynote presentations

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September 2022, 22nd Australasian Weeds Conference, Adelaide –> postponed from 2020

November 2021, Environmental Research 2021, IOP Publishing Virtual Conference 

April 2021, University of Oxford Behaviour, Ecology & Evolution inaugural graduate conference, virtual: “Causes and consequences of plant invasion.”

September 2019, Ecology & Management of Alien Plant Invasions (EMAPI) international conference, Prague: “Unravelling context dependency in invasion science.”

November 2017, Centre for Invasion Biology Annual Research Meeting, Stellenbosch: “Does origin matter? Understanding  introduced species and their impacts.”

May 2017, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra: “Understanding the causes and consequences of plant invasion”. Part of a special one day event – Life on the Loose: species invasion and control. Video link below.

May 2017, PopBio conference, Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Halle: “Does origin matter? Understanding introduced species and their impacts.”

December 2015, joint Australian and New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society conference, Wellington: “Making the most of riparian plant invasions: tests and applications of community ecology theory.”

My talk goes for about 25 minutes (starting 1:14:28). You can also see Dave Richardson (before me), and after me: Rick Shine, Beth Cookson, Kerrie Wilson, Emma Johnston, Aaron Dodd and Phil Cassey.


Speakers and organising committee for Australian Academy of Science Life on the Loose. L to R: Phil Cassey, Beth Cookson, Andy Sheppard, Bob Pressey, Emma Johnston, Dave Richardson, Rick Shine, Mark Westoby, Kerrie Wilson, Aaron Dodd, Jane Elith and me.